About program We live VISION ZERO

The We live VISION ZERO program is a concrete response to the challenge Valletta Declaration on Road Safety with a goal of reducing the number of road crash victims in the EU by 2030.
It is a response from all of us who have been affected by the consequences of road crashes, and from all of us who want to create Safe Mobility in the EU, national, and also local levels.

FEVR members are people who have been severely affected by the consequences of a road crash. We know what pain is, what suffering is, and how long and difficult is the path towards rehabilitation. We know that the experience we had can and must be prevented on the EU roads. The most sincere request is that each of us contributes as much as possible to ensure a goal that is the only humane and acceptable; the goal of Vision Zero. This is our right ensuring that our voice, appeal, and request to all individuals, and institutions can be heard.

As supporters of the UN Road Safety Collaboration Decade of Action, we will carry out specific activities, projects, and programs in the five basic areas within the national organizations and FEVR members:

Within the pillars mentioned above we will issue a “we live VISION ZERO Certification” for FEVR member organizations, based on the activities and programs implemented by the organizations, which will authorize them to promote activities for "we live VISION ZERO" within their countries. The FEVR certification enables FEVR member organizations to grant a national “we live VISION ZERO Certification” to individuals, companies, educational institutions, state authorities and, NGOs according to the established criteria.

FEVR member organization FEVR member organization acquires a certification on the basis of an application request, a presentation of activities carried out in accordance with the five basic pillars at a national level. The application request is processed by the FEVR Board, which gives consent to the issuing of the certification, signed by the FEVR President and the FEVR Vice President.
A special certification can also be granted to individuals and other organizations by the FEVR President, and FEVR Board.